For carriers

Lardi-trans provides a bunch of solutions for efficient fleet management and quick freight search by various directions


Freight search

Lardi-trans platform has an extensive tool for a freight search. Wide selection of parameters allows you to see the best offers

Auto search function will send you notifications to the browser or Telegram of the latest great offers

Telegram integration ensures prompt notifications across all devices

Add a vehicle

Add your vehicle on the Lardi-trans platform with a transportation request and receive offers from shippers

Flexible parameter configuration allows you to customize the addition of transportation for all users of the Lardi-trans platform or only for your list of partners

Your offer will be seen by thousands of users

It takes ~3min to add an offer



Add your cars on the Lardi-trans platform for a quick freight search

Create your vehicle request using the fleet, and save your time on entering your car parameters

Electronic document management

The built-in document management system increases the efficiency of your business and significantly saves your time.

Store and share documents with your partners without limits.


My vehicles

With this tool you can easily manage your freight - create, duplicate, plan and place freight offers on the Lardi-Trans platform. Accept the best offers from carriers after placing a transportation request.


Built-in text messaging

A simple, intuitive interface of the built-in messenger allows you to send messages and files to your employees and partners.


Provide an opportunity to get an advantageous transportation offer.

Find and participate in tenders from shippers on the Lardi-trans platform.


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Lardi-Trans, all you need in a single mobile app

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Haulage – a popular line of business. Entrepreneurs often have to send a small order to a distant locality, and to private individuals – to urgently transport some bulky item. To order a car in such it's not rational. But it is possible to find a hitchhiker travelling along the on a given route. This way, the cargo owners only pay for the volume occupied, which significantly reduces logistics costs. Especially with an electronic system "Lardi-Trans" search for associated transport for cargo transportation – no problem.

Cargo transport by road with "Lardi-Trans": we are always on the way!

"Lardy-Trans" – is a leading platform for finding free and associated transport, specialising in freight transport. On our website you get access to an extensive catalogue of companies with detailed data and an active transport forum. We offer you the opportunity not only to find transport for the transport of goods, but also to get information about available carriers on your route. More than 2700 vehicles of different capacities and types are registered on our platform, serving domestic and intercity routes.

Founded in 1999, "Lardi-Trans" confirms its reliability and demand in the freight transport market. Today we provide a modern platform with an innovative interface and convenient cargo search system. On our website you can not only rent a vehicle for cargo transportation, but also use a number of other useful features:

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  • Calculate the distance as close to reality as possible.
  • Learn full information about the future partner in the "Reliability Zone" section to search and check reliable counterparties.
  • Find out the detailed cost of portal services.
  • TrucksNearMe – find a car for cargo transport on the map with detailed characteristics of free transport. This is especially convenient for long-distance orders.

Select "Lardy-Trans" for efficient and safe haulage services!

How do I find a car to transport a load?

Thousands of customers post freight adverts every day, making it easy and convenient to find hitchhikers on our platform. The main challenge remains to agree a route and price, and we strive to make this process as simple and efficient as possible.

To find the right transport, all you need to do is fill out a quick form on our website. Our system will instantly provide you with up-to-date offers from experienced hauliers. Here you can easily select the perfect lorry to transport your shipment to Europe.

We understand that your time is valuable, that's why our platform is designed to help you find transport quickly and easily. Trust us to take care of your cargo and we'll provide reliable and efficient freight transport, meeting your needs in terms of route, price and quality of service.

We understand your time is valuable, so our platform is designed to help you find transport quickly and easily.

The intricacies of transporting cargo by road

The service of doploading or hitch loading – is very popular. Following the route, not fully loaded vehicles can deliver small orders to the specified destinations. On the one hand, individuals and small companies can save a lot of money on logistics, but on the other hand, the delivery time can be somewhat delayed, as they have to deviate from the route by several kilometres and spend time loading/unloading.

But the main advantage of looking for transport for cargo through "Lardy-Trans" – is reliability. You will not have to worry about the integrity of the goods, as well as the correctness of filling out the accompanying documents, because on our site we place ads only verified companies and individuals.

"Lardy-Trans": your personal assistant in freight transport!