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For shippers

Lardi-trans affords scope for effective cargo transportation business. Use our tools for finding trucks, adding freight or tendering.


Truck search

Lardi-trans platform has an extensive tool for a truck search. Wide selection of parameters allows you to see the best offers

Auto search function will send you notifications of the latest great offers

Adding freight

Add your freight on the Lardi-trans platform with a transportation request and receive offers from carriers

Flexible parameter configuration allows you to customize the addition of cargo for all users of the Lardi-trans platform or only for your list of partners

Your offer will be seen by thousands of users

It takes ~3min to add an offer



Efficient management of incoming freight transportation requests without the use of additional software.

The Leads feature enables the automation of processing new cargo, from receiving information to completing transportation, while capturing the preferences and financial requirements of the participants

Create a list of potential carriers using your existing database or discover new ones on the Lardi-trans platform. Select a carrier that meets all the criteria of the request.



Provide an opportunity to minimize the cost of transportation for shippers

Add your tender on the Lardi-trans platform with specified requirements in order to receive the best offers. The winner is the one who offers the lowest price for his services.

Electronic document management

The built-in document management system increases the efficiency of your business and significantly saves your time.

Store and share documents with your partners without limits.


My freight

With this tool you can easily manage your freight - create, duplicate, plan and place freight offers on the Lardi-Trans platform. Accept the best offers from carriers after placing a transportation request.


Built-in text messaging

A simple, intuitive interface of the built-in messenger allows you to send messages and files to your employees and partners.

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