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We are constantly improving the functionality of Lardi-trans platform by integrating partner services, holding the leadership in the market of cargo transportation

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Skyriver ‒ systems for GPS monitoring, management and control of vehicle fleets and field staff. Integration with the accounting systems 1C and Parus. Customization of software according to client's requirements.


Ukrainian manufacturer of vehicle tracking devices.


WebEye Ukraine provides telematics solutions for online vehicle monitoring (GPS), the electronic toll system in Hungary (OBU), as well as solutions for logistics, expedition, security and more efficient management of the existing transport fleet

Information systems


YouControl system is an online company verification service. Check counterparties and monitor their updates. YouControl provides a complete dossier on each company in Ukraine


B2BHint is a startup with an open company database and company information in Moldova and other countries. The main goal of B2BHint is to make company information more user-friendly.


Euroins Ukraine

«Euroins Ukraine» works in all sectors of the Ukrainian insurance market.

Ukrainian Insurance Group

«Ukrainian Insurance Group» is a modern and dynamic national scale insurance company.


One Click is a Ukrainian insurance company operating since 1995.


TAS IG is a universal insurer, which offers more than 80 insurance plans for different types of voluntary and compulsory insurance.


"Guardian" is a European insurance company that has been caring for and protecting their clients, taking care of their health and providing them with peace and comfort for 14 years.