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Lardi-Trans services help you find a co-loaded shipment from France to Netherlands minimizing the cost of transportation.

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How to find a co-loaded shipment from France to Netherlands

Freight search from France to Netherlands is designed to provide a fast and efficient way to deliver cargo to its final destination. Co-loading can provide significant savings over full truckload transportation, as companies can share space on the same vehicle and split the cost of the trip.

It reduces transportation costs as well as depreciation and mileage costs.

How to find a co-loaded shipment from France to Netherlands

A few simple tips will make it easier to understand how to find a co-load shipment fromFrance to Netherlands.

  • Freight type.Freight for transportation from France to Netherlands must be in the same category, transportation of different types of goods is not allowed (food and chemicals).
  • Dimensions.Products must all fit on the same truck.
  • PackagingProducts must be compatible, or handled in the same way. Make sure that the cargo is properly packed and will not damage the other one in transit.
  • TimingThe more stops there are in a single transit, the higher the chance for delay. Delivery schedules should align. Also, the driver has additional obligations to fill out invoices.